Green Drinks

This is another category that has literally thousands of entries in the market.

But of course, "green" doesn't always mean green.

To us, green is more than just the color of the drink.

It's the total equation of the ingredients, like:

  • Whether they are organic
  • Whether there are any synthetic vitamins added, versus whole foods only
  • Whether there are any artificial sweeteners added
  • Whether there are any artificial colorings added
  • Whether there are any "unnessary" ingredients, like stimulants

So, below is a hand-picked selection of the best green drinks we could find.

These are truly excellent meal replacements, unlike all those scary diet powders out there with a hundred ingredients.

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Since calorie restriction is an excellent way to not only slim down, but also to live longer, green drinks like these make it easy to do both.

These drinks are nutrient-dense, but relatively low-calorie meals in a glass.

In fact, they probably contain 100 times more micro-nutrients than a typical meal.

And because of this, your body will actually be "ok" with less food and fewer calories.

That's because being satiated or "full" doesn't depend entirely on the weight or mass of the food.

The amount of usable available nutrients is what primarily determines your body's hunger sensation.

So, why not give one of these green drinks a try and see if you don't benefit as millions of others have?