We've selected only the highest-rated and best-reviewed books for you.

These are about how to understand, control and eventually master your mind.

They are also almost universally present in the collections of and recommended by most of the top teachers within the self-help world.

Many can be considered quite spiritual, but none are religious in nature.

From some of the most enlightened souls the world has ever known - past and present.

Master your mind, master your destiny....

A New Earth (Oprah #61)

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A Course in Miracles

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The Magic of Thinking Big

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The Motivation Manifesto

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Reading is more than simply "fundamental".

It is an active state that exercises your eyes and brain. 

We personally prefer physical books, because not only is there a fixed focal distance between the pages and your eyes (unlike digital devices), but you also get your hands into the act. Plus, there's no electromagnetic radiation.

However you read though, it is expanding your vocabulary, writing ability, thought processing and more.

And when you combine the stimulating, active benefits of reading, with the contents of these books, you compound the positive impact on your mind - big time!