There is little doubt that audio inputs are one of the most powerful ways to influence our minds.

From something as simple as reading along while listening to the audio recording of a book, to really advanced technologies.

Technologies like brainwave entrainment, neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis, subliminal messaging, stereo confusion and more.

Many of these types of recordings use music or nature sounds as a background. Both of these types of audio inputs are almost primal in nature and help to open the mind to the material being presented.

Some are more active in nature - like guided meditation recordings - and some are completely passive.

There is a good reason why most of the best self-improvement programs on the market include audio recordings in addition to any other materials they might provide.

And modern technology and digital music files make it so easy to take an entire library of Mp3s with you in your favorite mobile device.

If you haven't added audio recordings to your self-improvement arsenal, you really should consider it.

In fact, once you start experiencing the effects of some of the advanced stuff like subliminals, hypnosis and brainwave entrainment, you'll probably consider them "your secret advantage" and not want to share.

Getting Unstuck

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Stillness Speaks

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